Is Ranorex Online safe to use?

The security of your data is our top priority. We have implemented multiple levels of security to protect your data. You can find detailed information in our Privacy Policy.

Account security

Your Ranorex Online account is protected with your unique email address and password. You always have to enter these credentials to access your personal data and recordings. If you have connected Ranorex Online to your Google account, your Ranorex Online account is protected with your Google credentials. 

How to keep your data safe

Your recordings are not accessible to anyone, unless you explicitly choose to share them using the Play Link. Once you've shared a Play-Link, your recording is public. The Play-Link can now be forwarded to anyone. Please take utmost precaution when sharing Play-Links. Do not share Play-Links to recordings that contain live credentials, such as actual passwords or other sensitive data. If you want to revoke access to a recording you've shared, you can simply unshare it in your workspace.