How can I play a recording?

When you press 'Play', a previously recorded workflow will replay. Once the recording has replayed, a visual notification appears. This notification provides feedback on the individual steps of the recording, showing you exactly which steps have failed.
There are a few different ways to to play a recording from your workspace or in the recorder:

Replaying a recording from the recorder

  • When the recorder is in 'Edit mode', click the play button to replay the recording.

Replaying a recording from your workspace 

  • Select the project that contains the recording you want to replay.
  • Go to your recording and click the play button. 
  • The replay will start immediately in your browser.

Remote test run

  • Triggers a replay on the Ranorex infrastructure for all selected browsers.
  • This feature is also available for multiple selected recordings or a whole project.

Scheduled remote test run

  • You can schedule a recording to be replayed automatically on the Ranorex infrastructure on a daily or weekly basis.

Replaying a recording using the Play-Link

You can reuse your recording across all operating systems and popular desktop browsers using the uniquely generated Play-Link. The replay will start in your browser immediately.