What is a validation?

In addition to recording actions, you can also validate elements. A validation checks if an element meets specific requirements. A validation can consist of one or multiple validation steps. Each validation step contains specific conditions. For example, you can validate if a checkbox appears on a webpage. You can then add certain conditions: the checkbox must exist and is visible, it must be checked, has to have a specific background color and so on.  A test run will only pass if your validation, including all its conditions, succeeded. 

How can I add a validation to my recording?

  • While you are recording, move the mouse pointer to the web element you want to validate. 
  • Click on the check mark that appears at the top left corner:  
  • Define your conditions.
  • Click Save to immediately see if individual conditions of your validation step have passed or failed.

You can now also add further elements for validation by clicking the Add element for validation button.