What are the main differences between Ranorex Online and Ranorex Studio?

Ranorex Online Advanced web testing in Ranorex Studio
Setup and configuration
free 30-day trial; see pricing models
No installation, no plug-in
Cloud-hosted testing
Core features
Record and play back actions in browser
Shareable recordings
Detailed test reports planned
Scheduling functionality planned
Remote web testing planned (all platforms)
Windows only
Data-driven testing planned
Handling dynamic IDs planned
rule-based handling
Script-based test automation
End-to-end testing (web, desktop, mobile)
Testing of local pages (Intranet)
Image comparison
Technology support
Supported technologies web web, desktop, mobile
HTML and JavaScript
Web frameworks (Bootstrap, Sencha, Ext-js. etc.)
iframe support
Deprecated browsers (pre-HTML 5)
Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
Java applet
Web testing on Mac
Web testing on Android
Web testing on iOS
Mobile (native) app testing for Android
Mobile (native) app testing for iOS
Hybrid mobile app testing (embedded WebView)
Access elements outside DOM (Browser dialogs, context menu, …)
Browser pop-up automation